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The photographer

You are the one who is contributing to this project - you could be anyone from a best friend to a professional photographer who happened to take the right picture at the right time of a smile that should be shared. Whether your phone or professional camera, it doesn’t matter as long as you got the smile in a good photo that could be shared here on this website.

Some instructions if you want to share your photo

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or not, it doesn’t matter who is on the photo. What matters is the true, sincere smile that you feel can give a smile to someone else.
The photo needs to be an original photo, have at least minimum technical quality in order to be portrayed, good visual interest and photographical touch to be accepted in the webpage (there can be multiple pictures on the photo, but no cut-outs).

*The photo disclaimer

By submitting a photo online you authorize “The Smiling Project” (TSP) to use and display the photo on this website, This authorization is of indefinite duration. You further guarantee that you own all rights to the photo and that the photo has permission of all pictured to submit it. As a photograph contains identifiable information, all parties involved release TSP of all privacy concerns in posting the photo to the web. You understand that TSP cannot prevent photos from being copied from the website and that TSP cannot control the future use of the photo once it has been downloaded or leaves TSP’s control. Accordingly, you hereby hold TSP harmless if a photo is copied and used elsewhere.