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The story telling

So, I was having a bad day. Actually, it was a horrible day starting with arguments and pouring water on my brand new laptop. Overall it was just a dreary, cold, rainy autumn day with first temperatures of winter making my fingers freeze.

After leaving my computer at the service, tired, I ran on the bus, soaking wet, hopelessly trying to find a seat where to sit down and grimly look outside the window everything grey, rainy, sad and miserable. Suddenly I noticed a young woman in the back of the bus. She had the loveliest, sweet, sincere smile on her face that I just could not stop looking at.

I don’t know the reason for her smile, but at the moment her eyes caught mine my time just stopped! Her sincere, bright, and light smile was like a ray of light in the sad cold day and I just felt relief with the corners of her mouth turning upwards. I relaxed. My head became clear.

I started laughing at myself for making myself miserable over petty little matters, running myself crazy with work having no time to see and enjoy the simplest things in life like a true smile from a stranger. If the woman only knew how much she gave me that day. And I tried to do the same thing from that point onward - to pass along my smile to the next stranger who seemed to be needing it to brighten up their day.

This is what “The Smiling Project” has been created to establish - to share and receive the smile that makes a difference. Somewhere I can go daily to get a smile on my face and just feel a little better if it’s a bad day. Also, it’s a place where I can forward the lovely smiles that have been given to me, pictures I have taken.

This is my story. I want to share my story with you, and you to share your story with the rest of us!

So what’s The Smiling Project about?

The Smiling Project is an international online photography project with the aim of giving anyone on this page to get their daily dose of a contagious, sincere, warm smile - delivering smiles directly on your face! The pure happiness of what one simple true smile can give.

It’s for anyone to see and receive the smile and for anyone to contribute with their photos.

Whether you’re a person with an amazing smile, a person seeing a contagious smile on the street or a photographer capturing a good smile on a photoshoot - sharing happiness is always a good deed :)

If you have a smile to share and would like to contribute in this project, please look at the “photographer” link for more detailed instructions. I would love to have you on board!

Yours smiling,